The last hours of the year are at hand and I know I haven’t been writing anything in English here for a while. Well, if someone didn’t already know, I’ve put my o-shoes, compasses and training clothes aside and decided to find new adventures, goals and dreams in "the other world". The world where every day is not defined by trainings and recovery. The other world has always been around but everyone who's been doing sports on top level knows that the focus has never been in the studies or jobs as much as for the ”normal” people.


Lahtisuunnistusmaastossa C:Kimmo HirvonenHardly. You are never ready and perfectly fit. You can always do things better. Besides, I haven't even packed yet ;)

Always look on the bright side of life

I’ve never been this happy after a technically quite bad wcup race and 8th position (World of O’s analysis of the women’s race and link to GPS ). Actually, I was so happy that I quickly bursted into tears after the competition. After many months of tiredness and total lack of recovery, I finally felt that I was able to run in the forest again.

Victory in POM..questionmarks are fading away :)

Minä ja Sofia valmiina POMmaamaan/ Me and Sofia ready and steadyI spent last week in Portugal and POM. This girls' camp consisted mostly of orienteering, recovery, eating and talking a lot.

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